Sea Roamer Marine Services

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Sea Roamer Marine Services

We provide Aquaculture support, anchor installation & inspection, net removal & exchanges, dock construction & installation, equipment, ROV services & materials transport and General marine Towing for Central & Northern Vancouver Island and the Central Cost. We are based in the Comox Valley, British Columbia.

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Services Offered

  • Sea Roamer Marine is known for their work in the aquaculture sector. Assembly of fish farms, transport of fish smolts and maintenance are just a few of the multitude of aquaculture tasks we can perform.
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  • Our large cranes allow us to raise and salvage almost everything. There's not much we can't lift from the bottom.
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  • Sea Roamer Marines service vessels include landing craft, crane barges and tug boats. Transport of equipment and materials is our bread and butter.
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  • Our underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) services include environmental data collection, structural inspection & surveillance.
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Available Vessels

We have the following marine equipment:
  • "Sea Roamer" - 80' Landing Craft
  • "Comox Brave" - 40' Tug
  • "Squamish Warrior" - 40' Tug
  • "Debra-Ann" - 40' tug
  • "S.R.M.S. 201" - Crane Barge
  • "S.R.M.S. 203" - Crane Barge
  • "S.R.M.S. 205" - Ramp Barge
  • "S.R.M.S. 207" - Ramp Barge
  • "S.R.M.S. 209" - Equipment Barge

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