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Following his purchase of the Sea Roamer Lloyd Muckle was able to see how the interrelated nature of all his respective professional skills play in integral part in the success of Sea Roamer Marine Services.

Lloyd essentially grew up in the business of materials handling, and worked with his father in the furniture moving business at the outset. He also had considerable mechanical skills, and became a licensed diver in 1982. Then, wanting to solidify those skills in a tangible direction, he took the Malaspina College Mariculture course in 1986 and became accredited to work in that realm, and have a role in an industry that was rapidly expanding.

"Everything fit from that point, and all of it was falling into place nicely," he says.

Comox Brave Sea Roamer Marine
The “Comox Brave” returning to port

Following Malaspina, he set up a commercial diving business and used the ex-seiner Menzies Bay as a platform as a salmon net washer. In the meantime, he was gaining his accreditation as a skipper and ultimately earned his 500-ton ticket.

From that point he began working on the Sea Roamer in 1995, briefly as a relief skipper, and then as full time skipper. He finally bought the vessel in 2002.

"Our first big job with the SMRS 201 crane barge was going into Kyuquot and removing the old fish farm equipment, and then building a new one for Sable Fish Canada," he says.

The next step in the process for Muckle (and his highly skilled crew) was making full use of the newly acquired tug and crane barge, the Comox Brave, which, since its purchase in 2005, has become an integral part of the enterprise, and has enabled Sea Roamer Marine Services to diversify significantly. While aquaculture is still the mainstay of their mandate, Lloyd says, the business is now much more far-reaching than just serving that one area.

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