Marine Services

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Since 2002 Sear Roamer Marine Services has supplied the British Columbia coast line with world-class marine operations and logistics across several industries.

Our marine services range from towage, salvage, aquaculture support and ROV services. We operate year-round 24 hours a day and clients choose us because of our vast experience, excellent safety record and cost effectiveness.

Aquaculture Support
Aquaculture Support

Sea Roamer Marine is known for their work in the aquaculture sector. Assembly of fish farms, transport of fish smolts and maintenance are just a few of the multitude of aquaculture tasks we can perform.

Towing & Transport

Sea Roamer Marines service vessels include landing craft, crane barges and tug boats. Transport of equipment and materials is our bread and butter.

Salvage Marine Service
Marine Salvage

Our large cranes allow us to raise and salvage almost everything. There's not much we can't lift from the bottom.

ROV Bamfield
ROV Services

Our underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) services include environmental data collection, structural inspection & surveillance.

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